We need to protect these heroes who beat the devil out of a 7-Eleven thief

By now you’ve seen this incredible video of fed up 7-Eleven employees beating the holy hell out of a guy trying to steal their cigarettes.

If you haven’t, you really need to see it:


Here’s the second part. And the third part. 

Dude literally says “Right, can I get a soda?” at the end, like he’s Ezel from Friday.

“What kind of shit you telling me? And you do this shit, and you want a soda?!” responds the guy recording the event.

Now here’s the thing. We all know what happens in these stories. Corporate policy is usually that employees are forbidden from getting in the way of this kind of thievery, and that’s part of the reason it’s gotten worse and worse. Usually, anyone who fights back is summarily fired.

We need to protect these heroes. 

We are all fed up with the retail theft rings destroying businesses across the U.S. Corporations are just trying to limit their exposure in case employees get harmed or worse during one of these thefts. But as a society, we need to show support for those willing to take that risk and beat the crap out of these assholes making our society worse every day.

If they get fired, we need to crowdsource them better jobs somewhere else, and if they get a GoFundMe, we need to send that thing to the moon!!

For justice, and for our common sanity.