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War On Women!! Guess Which Democrat Candidate Deleted a Tweet Saying He Wanted to Punch the Face of a Conservative Woman!!

MEXCLUSIVE!! It’s so funny how liberals look the other way when a Democrat is caught advocating violence on women that I thought I’d give them another chance to show their hypocrisy by uncovering a deleted tweet from their favorite congressional candidate in North Carolina – Clay Aiken!


This is a reconstructed tweet – not a screenshot of the original, which he deleted. But there are many tweets from back when he originally posted it, including one from his pal, Arsenio Hall:

Here are some others:

Here’s a funny thing – when Aiken won the candidacy, Buzzfeed ran a post of all his embarrassing politically incorrect tweets that he deleted. Except they didn’t include the one advocating violence against a woman that disagrees with him politically! How convenient!

Ah well, it’s not like Buzzfeed has ever shown a political bias to the left… I’m sure it was an accident.

Now let’s all watch the crazed foaming-at-the-mouth feminists go after Clay Aiken and demand an apology!! Or probably not.

UPDATE!! Here’s Clay Aiken’s deleted tweet calling for his followers to yell the “c-word” at Ann Coulter too! Classy!

UPDATE!!! Also he said that he wants to punch Representatives in Congress in the throat! How oddly specific!

UPDATE!!!! And he’s got a really creepy first tweet.

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