Conservatives Trend #HalperinQuestions on Twitter to Shame Mark Halperin’s Cuban Inquisition

Trigger warning: Stupid pendej0ry ahead.

Yesterday many conservatives were incensed at the idiotic race inquisition that news media hack Mark Halperin put Ted Cruz through in order to prove his Cuban bona fides. Today they took it nationwide by trending “Halperin Quotes” to mock and shame Halperin by composing other racist questions he might ask of other candidates.

Here are some of my favorites:

Leave it to Guy Benson.

Obviously that would be me. Geez.

Also a Joe Biden question.

BENSON again! You racist!

This one killed me!

Who says conservatives aren’t funny? LOL!

Maybe Halperin got cultural sensitivity training to Hispanics from MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts, or the execrable Dana Milbank from the Washington Post. But you won’t see liberals object to this racism – they only freak out when it’s from conservatives.

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