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If All The #BringBackMyGirls Selfies Were Actually Honest…

We at the SooperMexyBlog were able to obtain a high-tech truth detector that only works on self-important hashtag selfies. When we passed its highly radioactive and dangerous ray over the arrogant tweets in the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, we were shocked at what we found, and after laughing and having a few drinks, we thought we’d share them with you, our favorite reader. Yeah you.

There you have it. Isn’t it good to see some truth in advertising for once? Yes, we feel the same as well.

You’ll Love Ann Coulter’s Funny Impression of Michelle Obama’s Hashtag Activism
Liberal Senators Unleash Brutal Hashtag Attack on Boko Haram; Expect Complete Capitulation


  • OpenTheDoor

    You and LLDD need to have a challenge, like the rappers battle.
    Did one of you go to Cranbrook?

  • Jeff Callahan

    lol epic!

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  • creative_dude

    Condoleezza is the only lady in the group above who I would enjoy visiting with. Accomplished and interesting lady. Thank the Lord for people who actually do things, and have accomplishments that I can admire. My wonderful wife and our four daughters live in a better world because of individuals who dream and strive. Condoleezza escaped while girls in her neighborhood were killed. She escaped with help and with that help made an impressive person of herself.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a lady I do not know very much of, but would love to hear from because of her struggle out of the submission that she was born into, and would still be suffering from if not for her escape. Thank the Lord that she (mostly) escaped to a world where she has some say over herself.