mike brown-rap

Listen to Mike Brown’s VERY Explicit Rap Songs Featuring Drugs, Drinking and Murder

mike brown-rap

In another blow to the “gentle giant” image that some would like to pin on the Ferguson victim Mike Brown, a cache of rap songs he left behind that contain pretty much what you’d expect out of modern rap – lots of boasting about murdering, taking drugs, drinking, and sex with hos. It appears that most of these were uploaded right before the tragic events that took his life. In one of the pictures provided by his family, a jar is shown filled with rap lyrics that he was working on.

Here are some samples for you to listen to, but keep in mind there is VERY explicit language in the songs, and the lyrics I post below:

Shit Talka:

The chorus is taken from the popular song, “Bad Boys,” but instead they sing, “shit talker, shit talker, whatcha gonna do? when a real killa killa come for you?”

SMH Luh Vee:

Here are some lyrics, as far as I could decipher them, from this song:

I’ll be counting money by myself
I’m a rich nigga so I got that wealth
I fuck three [???]  hos by myself
While I’m smoking on this [!?!?]

When the sun goes down
You in trouble now


This song references someone having intercourse with “niggas” who don’t really care about her and take her paycheck.

Smoking on this dope, till I choke
Motherfucker, fuck you and your opinions

Do you do smoke weed, keep doing what you do best

Jennings Station Road Freestyle:

This one specifically talks about killing people and how fun it is. The main rapper talks about how his favorite part of killing people is when they hit the ground.

Every time I call your bitch I make her cum
And when she comes I’m cumming all over her tush
I beat that pussy up
I’m smoking purple
I roll fat blunts they look just like my thumb

While I bless him with a dick on his face

08/05/14 Free$tyle Big’Mike:

In this rap song, one of the rappers talks about killing someone and seeing them “layin’ across the street.” The victim is said to be “mashed up and black” like a goblin so “there ain’t describing him.”

With this Glock in your face
And you betta not make a sound
And I only like white men on my money [???]
Those who are last shall be first,
Whites on the bottom

He musta walked up and unloaded because there was no stopping him
Somebody else layin’ across the street, must be his partner

I didn’t go through the entire catalogue, but it’s pretty obscene, though standard rap fare these days. Of course, none of this means he is guilty of what the police claim he did, but it adds another dimension to the character of Mike Brown. Draw your own conclusions.

h/t @SuperSayianMan

 It Looks Like an Eyewitness Livetweeted the Shooting of Mike Brown

    He had a very promising musical career. Surely had he not been executed, his works would have appeared in the same echelons as Bach, Beethoven, The Beatles.. The world has truly lost a great light…

    Oh well….

  • LilJimeezjohnson

    It is my sincere hope that the Police gun down another 10 million or so of these savage genetic mutants. Heck put it on Pay per View and raise some money for poor, disenfranchised Whites.

  • God Bless you for your efforts to decipher that… I mean seriously, angels have fewer feathers as a result.

  • Please leave family out of this. I’m sure she was proud that he was going to college. No need to attack her.

  • That’s fair. I listen to rap with violent lyrics. I ain’t never attacked a cop yet!

  • El

    If you found this because of my posting it around the web yesterday, good! Luv ya sooperMexican. 🙂 Food for thought here… If recordings were found of the officer rapping and saying he wants to put a glock to a black persons head…

    This is downright racism and could prove the motivation for Mike attacking the officer.

  • ChristSandwich

    Yep, sounds like a poison is gone. Good

  • ChristSandwich

    Nope. They created this low-life, they are also likely low lifes. That is the logic of a parent, Soopermexican. Let me guess, you’re a parent?

  • ChristSandwich

    although our species doesn’t look promising, rap music is a response from those who are NOT evolving. Has nothing to do as our species as a whole.

  • ChristSandwich

    Not a christian but, thanks for having the courage to bring up that verse. So many US chrisians don’t follow this bit of advice.

  • tkayvegas

    This provides nothing “new”. If the young black man was a model citizen THAT would be the shocking aspect to this whole case. Of course he does drugs, listens to sickening music, and is a thief. No new light shed here…

  • Lol my article is stupid because I made the point you said yourself? Guess you’re pretty stupid too huh? Lol pendejo

  • Yeah that’s kinda ridiculous. I went to college and I wrote rap lyrics as a kid.

  • doug james

    I think he
    stole those lyrics from a Simon and Garfunkel song..

  • YuriTahrded

    livin the thug life yo.

  • YuriTahrded

    But no where does it say not to defend yourself from them if they are an existensial threat to you. In fact here have been many christian saints and martyrs that took up the sword to defend themselves. Especially aganst the Muslim hordes.

  • ron brada

    you sir have awesome talent!!!!

  • big mo

    And he doesn’t have any guns. looks like a gun in the photo of him drinking with his home boy to me. well maybe you meant he did not own any legal guns.

  • Guest

    the world is a better place without people like him

  • BunE22

    And a bottle of Amsterdam vodka. Wasn’t he under the legal drinking age?

    A gun, money, booze, disgusting rap. He so cool, I want him be my baby daddy. Ugh.

  • coniljw

    I really wish that people would NOT jump to conclusions in any cases. It could just as easily be you in the HOT seat. I pray the truth comes out & people will accept it. I support defending yourself. I support cops defending themselves. It is said that the cop didn’t know M.Brown had just robbed & assaulted a store owner, but M. Brown knew what he had just done & he was obviously pumped up about it. Any parents nightmare finding out or knowing you have a bad kid.

  • coniljw

    Easier said than done. ISIS said they are coming for us.
    My advice is to destroy THEM before they get here. Unlike our politicians I believe ISIS when they make a claim.

  • coniljw

    If MORE people lived by the TEN COMMANDMENTS we would ALL be a lot better off.
    “Do Unto Others as you would have them do to you.” ONE Commandment people obviously never heard nor care to support.

  • coniljw

    Revelations 12:10: “Satan is the constant accuser.”
    Democrats/libs today are constantly accusing folks of many things (they are iiars). I think dems/libs are today’s Satan! Most cases the dems/libs are guilty of the accusations themselves.

  • coniljw

    Listen to the crowds in Ferguson, MO. They want the head of the cop BEFORE the facts are laid out. They sound like the people who chanted “Crucify him, crucify him!”. It is sickening. They are evil.

  • EmmaBigLife

    That’s not Brown. Just sayin.

  • WorkingMan

    I like the 11th Commandment that Mikey forgot: “Thou shalt not be stupid.”

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  • Maxamillion Mansionhouse III

    The liberal mainstream media would have you think that the 6’4 300lb Mike Brown wrote these brutal rap lyrics every day and then put his pen down, said 10 prayers, helped an old lady across the street, donated to charity, took out his white neighbor’s trash and then registered to vote after he returned his library books.

    The liberal msm can’t stand the truth. Go look at how many of them completely have stopped the comment sections about anything to do with Ferguson.
    You can’t possibly call a black person anything bad on They delete your comment if you even slightly suggest Mike Brown was anything but the things I wrote above. Garbage….and the people who previously haven’t noticed definitely took notice this trip around.

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  • Stefanie

    He was involved in a 2nd Degree Murder Charge as a minor. And picked up 4 aggravated felonies between 16-death … not including the charges he would have got for attacking the cop, had the thug lived. He wasn’t a gentle giant he was a bullying, drug dealing, scumbag thug and if you live like a thug you’re gonna die a thugs death. ie … Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword.

  • Stefanie

    He didn’t die due to stealing. He died due to attacking a police officer. Had he just got off the street and followed the cops orders this conversation would not be happening. However, I am sure his funeral or prison sentence would have not been far down the pike, so to speak.

  • Pimp Sleazy

    Will Smith? I thought he had a full ride scholarship to MIT and passed it up to pursue his music career for a year. But you can’t compare Will Smith to Mike Brown. Will Smith is intelligent, articulate, well mannered and actually has talent whereas Mike Brown was clearly an untalented hack who, like most illegitimate ghetto spawn uses his “rap career” as an excuse to not work or go to school. Every black BOY in the hood is a rapper for God’s sake! I know, I lived in “the hood” all my life. My exes are all Black and some have teen kids and guess what? Rap Stars, every one of them! Anybody who thinks that loser Mike Brown would actually get up and go to college, much less finish, is a fool. He was destined for anonymity but thanks to a pack of lying racist hood-rats he went out in fame. Wow.

  • Pimp Sleazy

    The richest man in the world (as far as confirmed, taxable income anyway) didn’t finish college: Bill Gates. Lots of successful people agree that college isn’t necessary if you’re going into business for yourself anyway. It can help, of course, if you want to go into business. Get a BBA… I doubt Mike Brown would have attended college for long. What people like him usually do is enroll, get the student loan refund check, drop a bunch of classes and get MORE money, then keep doing that until their financial aid runs out and they’re deep in debt for life, never paying it back. Don’t sit there and lie and say it ain’t so because you know damned good and well that it IS. Anybody from the hood knows the financial aid game.

  • Pimp Sleazy

    Right. Telling your juvenile probation officer that you intend to go to college as soon as you get your GED after you turn 18 is not the same as “planning” for college.

  • Pimp Sleazy

    Actually, you CAN go to college after just committing a crime like an idiot. Prisons have college courses.

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  • Lloyd

    Very few. kinda like pro athletes not getting their degrees.

  • Lloyd

    Is that all you got? Can’t be too many more.

  • Lloyd

    A lost Liberal dildo.