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Persecuted Christian-Owned Bakery Raises $109,000… Until Gay Advocates SHUT DOWN ‘GoFundMe’ Page

sweet cakes christian

An Oregon-based bakery owned by Christians shut down after being told they had to bake a cake for a gay wedding despite their religious objections, but they were able to raise $109,000 in a “GoFundMe” campaign. That is until gay advocates started berating the company for letting Christians use their service in a way they didn’t like. So now it’s shut down.

From the Christian charity “Samaritan’s Purse”:

A Christian couple in Oregon say they will be bankrupted by a judge’s decision Friday to fine them $135,000 for refusing to bake a wedding cake for lesbians.

Aaron and Melissa Klein ran a small bakery called “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” for seven years in Gresham, Oregon, but had to shut down their store in 2013 after Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman filed a civil rights complaint against them. Administrative judge Alan McCullough ruled Friday that the funds will go to Cryer and Bowman for “emotional, mental, and physical suffering.”

Samaritan’s Purse is raising funds to help the Kleins pay their fine and meet other expenses. “They have taken a stand for the Word of God, and they should not have to stand alone,” Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham said. “I believe that Christians across our nation will rally around Aaron and Melissa and their five children.

“Please pray for Aaron and Melissa, and pray for our nation. When our judges are punishing Christians for practicing what they believe, that’s persecution, plain and simple.”

The Washington Times has the statement from GoFundMe on why they shut it down:

The website GoFundMe said in a statement Saturday that it took down the page because the campaign violated the policy against raising money “in defense of formal charges of heinous crimes, including violent, hateful, or sexual acts.”

“The campaign entitled ‘Sweet Cakes by Melissa‘ involves formal charges. As such, our team has determined that it was in violation of GoFundMe’s Terms & Conditions,” said GoFundMe in an email statement.

“The money raised thus far will still be made available for withdrawal,” said GoFundMe.

Yeah we’re supposed to believe that gays just want equality, but this Christian couple is being FORCED to serve them against their religious beliefs, meanwhile the pathetic students at Johns Hopkins University are so weak-minded that they can’t even take the sight of Chick-Fil-A food because the owner supported traditional marriage. Does that sound like equality?

You can donate to their cause at the Samaritan’s Purse page. I have given to their charity before and I’m pretty sure they’re legit.

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  • ScienceABC123

    Why is it that the supposed right to not be offended supersedes stated rights in the Constitution?

  • Lockstein13


    I read somewhere else on teh interwebz today that the GAYSTAPO and GoF*ckMe shut it down after only $6,000 was raised, leaving them still $129,000 in the hole (NOT the other way around).

  • aliswell

    This rogue, heII-bound judge MUST be unseated! This is outrageous, illegal, immoral and DISGUSTING!

  • daPenguin

    I would really like to donate to the cause but it bugs me that all I would be doing is paying the money to these two self righteous prigs that felt it was their right to make others agree with their sick twisted lifestyle. Rather pay for a lawyer fund to counter sue these freaks for everything they own!!! This crap ticks me off!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • AtlasBurped

    This is just so wrong on so many levels. The dem/progs are so proud of this inhumanity and revel in it. I found this abhorrent article and website here:

    What is this 1939 Berlin, Germany? How can I get this disgusting website AddingInfo taken down?

  • I think that we’re playing this the wrong way; this is going to keep happening as Christians are going to be the target of attacks like this in Oregon due to their laws. If we keep just supporting individual cases like this by contributing to campaigns in GoFundMe (which as we see here can be shutdown) we are just playing defense all the time. I suggest that we go on offense and start a campaign to boycott Oregon and any company base in that state until they stop with their persecutions of Christians.

    There are more of us than them; I’m not even that religious myself, but I understand the importance of religious rights and the protection that the 1st. amendment provides for them (or is supposed to). Let’s go on the offense and let’s start a boycott of Oregon. Enough is enough, #BoycottOregon

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    Christianity is a sick twisted lifestyle to you? You’ll have to answer to God for that.

  • Timbo

    They mean the lesbians…..duh!

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    I am so happy that these bigots are not being rewarded for the CRIMES. crimes. anyone paying attention? crimes!


    it is sick twisted and harmful. nothing but hatred comes from it. STICK THAT IN YOUR BIBLE AND READ IT.

  • daPenguin

    Thanks Timbo, I thought I was rather clear but apparently not. Yes that is my concern I would rather they appealed giving money to those two women is not something that I want to do.

  • Timbo

    Sorry, I was responding to the comment on your comment, you were perfectly clear…..

  • Deacon Davis

    Please tell me exactly what crimes you are referring to. Would it the crime of practicing their religion which is protected by the U.S. Constitution.

  • Jim

    Man just raise the price so high the faggots and lesbos won’t buy it.

  • FedUpLibBS

    GoFundMe deserves the same treatment!!!

  • ken

    Dude, that’s just offensive for no reason! I’m a gay man and I TOTALLY DISAGREE that the bakery should be forced to make cakes for anyone. The judge’s order was wrong and the fine should be struck down. Furthermore, the lesbian couple should be ashamed of themselves and I would be in favor of a civil suit by the bakery against the couple. Furthermore, your simplistic suggestion that a very high price would exclude homosexuals is just wrong. In general “my people” are financially comfortable and can afford more than heterosexuals. Unless you just want high prices for homosexuals? That would be just as illegal as outright denial of service. (I put “my people” in quotes because being gay is far down on the list of things that define me. I have exactly one thing in common with other gay men – I’m attracted to other men. Assigning me to a group just because I’m gay doesn’t make any more sense than assigning you to a group just because you have brown eyes. Most people who happen to be homosexual have adopted the politics of progressivism because it’s so “tolerant.” Sure, it’s tolerant as long as you agree with them but they won’t tolerate any other viewpoint! I’m the opposite of progressive, I’m a hardcore libertarian.)

    But this goes was beyond religious rights; it’s a matter of pure property rights. Let’s assume that small businesses are allowed to refuse service to gays on religious grounds. Are they also allowed to refuse service to Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc? What if someone comes in asking for a cake with a big pot leaf on it? Those could all be refused on religious grounds – although I’ve never heard anyone say that it should be legal to refuse Jews and Muslims.

    If you *don’t* agree that small businesses should be allowed to refuse service to Jews and Muslims on religious grounds then why is it OK to refuse service to gays?

    Here is the correct answer. Every business is private property, in every way. The owner of the business should be free to control his private property and to do with it whatever he chooses. Any attempt at government coercion of any business for any purpose is immoral (but not currently illegal). Thus, a business owner should be free to refuse service to anyone for any reason at all.

    Since business owners are NOT free to refuse service, under the eventual penalty of a government thug pointing a gun at him, then supplicating yourselves before a government tyrant at any level, begging for a special dispensation from the emperor (to grant you a right that is denied to others), is an appalling, immoral act.

    So, businesses that want to be able to refuse a service on religious grounds are groveling and prostrating themselves before Caesar and begging to be allowed to do something that other businesses aren’t allowed to do. That is, they are asking for a special privilege. (If you have to beg for it then it’s not a right because rights are inherent to us; we have them because we are human and they precede government and cannot be taken away by government.)

    What really must be done is that every business owner demand that government recognize their preexisting right to do as they please with their property. If a business then starts discriminating against people in a way that their other clients disapprove of, those clients can make their displeasure known by asking that the policy be changed or taking their business elsewhere.

    The free market is the only market free of government force. It’s the only market that’s moral because it recognizes the rights of everyone, equally.

    Where did anyone ever get the idea that a person has a right to walk into a business and demand to be served? If you can make that demand against me, and the demand is backed up by a government thug with a gun, then I’m a slave. The fact that I’ll be paid for my service is irrelevant, all that matters is that I am compelled to do something against my will.

    I’ll bet you’re surprised that a gay atheist is siding with the the Christian bakery, aren’t you? The thing is, I don’t agree that they should have refused service to the lesbian couple, but I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree that they have the RIGHT to refuse service to them. If I lived across the street from them I’d express my disapproval of their business choice and I wouldn’t buy baked goods from them. BUT I’d hold a picket sign in front of their business that read “Business owners have rights, too.”

    The Declaration of Independence, one of my favorite documents, better than the Constitution, makes it clear that everyone has rights, equally. Yours can never trump mine. The point of a republic over a democracy is the rule of law, protection of the MINORITY. Remember, the MAJORITY doesn’t need protection, they have numbers on their side. In a pure democracy you can never be sure what the rules are because every day a bigger group than yours can vote to change them. A democracy sounds great, but it’s actually just the “Tyranny of the 51%”.

    Jim, don’t go all crazy berating faggots and lesbos, that’s not the problem – plus it’s mean.

  • Jim

    okay kenny, it’s offensive why? because you want to force me to accept what I don’t believe in?, seems you forget your rights end where mine begin, or is it just an affront that “gays” want equality, what you want is to force others to accept your sex partner choice.

  • ken

    You’re right that they’re bigots but I disagree that they committed a crime. A crime has to have a victim, a person who was harmed. How was the lesbian couple harmed? They had their feelings hurt? Nobody has the right not to be insulted or have their feelings hurt. All they lost was the time they wasted in the bakery.

    If that couple didn’t have a self-righteous, indignant, entitled mentality they would have said, “Sorry you won’t want our money” and then left for the next bakery.

  • Jim

    You seem to forget I would be the first guy too offer you my hand if you needed help standing, I mistakenly typed “you” sorry I guess that was not a correct statement how ever I just don’t believe in homosexuality, that does not mean that I cannot see you as a person or a human or that I would hurt you or not help you, it just means that I do not agree with your sexual preference, and I should not be forced to accept it, but I accept you maybe one day you can understand that.

  • ken

    [You seem to forget I would be the first guy too offer you my hand] I couldn’t forget because I never knew, but that’s good to know.

    [it just means that I do not agree with your sexual preference] You don’t have to agree, but I’m going to state that there’s no preference; who I’m attracted to is no more under my control than yours is under your control.

    [I should not be forced to accept it, but I accept you maybe one day you can understand that.] I think I’ve said from the beginning that I never want to force anyone to do anything against their will.

    That leads to a philosophical question. What do it mean to accept homosexuality? You’re straight, that’s not going to change. I’m gay but I don’t want to invite you to be part of my sex life. So far, homosexuality has no effect on your life. If two guys walk down main st holding hands and minding their business, it has no effect on anyone any more than a straight couple doing the same thing.

    Other than someone actually trying to convince you to have sex with another guy, I don’t know what accepting homosexuality really even means!

  • Jim

    In your other posts you call those that do not believe in homosexuality, “bigots” because you feel that everyone else should abandon their beliefs in favor of supporting your choice. I flat out do not nor ever will believe in homosexuality period, so all the laws you want passed in your favor to me are just your way of forcing your sexual preference onto everyone else, so who is the real bigot? I think the “gay” community is.

  • Jim

    Wow it has been a long time, since I have seen some one write some much and mean so little.

  • maybetoday777

    Because as it was in the days of lot so shall it be when the son of man is revealed…. And, the 10 Commandments is the LAW, understand? You are living in a country that will NOT tolerate the 10 commandments so God destroys them by LAWyers. Light rejected is lightning!

  • maybetoday777

    You give no reasons other than your emotional panic. The only excuse against the Bible is a BAD LIFE!

  • maybetoday777

    All liberals and evolutionists get in an emotional panic over facts.

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