father jonathan morris

Stay Classy, Gays! Priest Walking By NYC Pride Parade GETS SPIT ON!

Two tweets that show gay malice towards Christians, and the charity that we can show towards those who hate us.

And that’s how you turn the other cheek, in just two tweets. OH wait here’s one more – this one was posted before he was spit on:

Stay classy, gays, we’re all impressed.

Reporter Who Mistook Sex Toy Parody Flag at Gay Parade Ridiculed on the Twitters
  • Adam Johnson

    and there’s people responding to his tweet accusing him of lying about it. So much irony in this. Horrible.

  • John Barleycorn

    gays should be gassed enough to just lay there

  • mackykam

    I thought that’s what the priest said to the alter boy, ” turn the other cheek… in my direction.”

  • Fakir Smith

    So we’re expecting people who commit immoral unnatural and perverted acts, people that ride around wearing Nixon masks naked on bicycles in front of children to celebrate nothing more than the fact they like sodomy and strap-ons to not lower themselves to spit on a priest? Ha!

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  • Gravyonthetaters

    Preaching tolerance, unless it doesn’t go their way, then WATCH OUT. Liberals are the most intolerant people. And they’re hypocritical too.

  • Dave L.

    If I was ever given the choice of eradicating Cancer from the world, or eradicating Liberalism, I would need aboud 1/100 of a second to shout GOODBYE LIBERALISM !! Liberalism is a worse plague thatn cancer in my eyes !!

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  • Roger Skelton

    The real pledge is the communist invasion most never seen it coming… it infiltrated
    America and took control of the left, liberals, gays, feminists, unions, most
    of Hollywood & academia, etc… and the masses of idiots in society…. as
    Lennon once said and stated… (I’m paraphrasing now) ‘The true revolutionary
    communist must convince the masses of ‘idiots’ to follow them’…. it’s Marxism,
    socialism and communism we all should be teaching and spreading the truth about…
    knowledge is power… read, watch and learn… To understand why and how
    American culture changed… one doesn’t have to understand the theories of
    Marxism, Socialism and Communism, all one has to do is understand what it wants
    and what it has done to America and American culture… to get an idea of its
    encroachment on American culture start with the links below.

    ‘How Communist Strategy Are Used To Control Americans Communist Oriented Policing’

    ‘The Communist Manifesto of 1963’

    ‘Communist Agenda: Grinding America Down’

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  • DanielD2010

    No. That was your public school teacher. The worst sex offenders (categorically) in the nation.

  • formwiz

    God will get them.

    God is Catholic.

    And he never forgets.

  • Pat

    I haven’t heard any LGBT spokespeople condemning this act. Therefore they condone it and by default encourage it. Get ready for more anti-Christian behavior from these sick animals.

  • John Albertson

    You can’t even spell altar.

  • John Albertson

    I find Fr. Morris an irritating little guy, but there is no excuse for this. Would those epicene cowards spit on a Muslim imam?

  • MrRightWingDave

    And with the liberals out of the universities, we’ll have some doctors and scientists out to cure cancer in no time.

  • GreggorytheGreat

    Very bizarre. So much for Cardinal Dolan’s capitulation to the Homosexual Mafia with the St Patrick’s Parade Circus

  • mackykam

    You are correct. I must have been thinking of Caitlyn Jenner.

  • AugustineThomas

    What can your expect from people who define themselves by sexual perversion?


    Jesus was spat upon too. The parade of Pride is a mocking of Jesus as during his Passion. Father took one for Jesus.
    As to Father Morris, his sister is a “married” lesbian. He is living the grotesque dilemma of loving his sister but hating her sin. Homosexuality: brother against sister.

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  • xsnake

    He’s on Imus in the Morning, now ‘n then.