New York Times Runs ‘Condom Pope’ Image After Refusing to Publish Muhammed Cartoons

If you look up”hypocrisy” in the dictionary, you might find this example of a ridiculous double standard by the New York Times. In January the venerable and crotchety old gray lady declined to publish the cartoons of Muhammed after the Charlie Hebdo massacre and cited their policy to not offend religious sensibilities:

“Under Times standards, we do not normally publish images or other material deliberately intended to offend religious sensibilities. After careful consideration, Times editors decided that describing the cartoons in question would give readers sufficient information to understand today’s story.”

Right. Sure. And yet just a few short months later, they’re publishing a picture that is offensive to Catholic sensibilities:

Here’s the pic (sorry for the offense, Catholics):

Ahhh the artist says it’s not “hate-filled” and the New York Times takes her word for it. No such tolerance for Pamela Geller on the other hand – I wonder why that is? Actually no I don’t.

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