SooperPodcast #156! SooperServatives And Racist Ice Cream Truck Songs


This week the @SaintRPH sings us racist ice cream truck rap songs, Jessifer Heddings laughs a lot, and el Sooper explains why Ted Cruz loving an obscure comic character is the most amazing thing ever. WOW you just have to listen!!!!

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Learn more about Cuckservative douchebaggers here:

Guess What Happened When I Called The #Cuckservative Slur ‘Racist’?

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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  • Come on guys! I want to hear all the racist, drunk stuff! (snicker)

  • What an informative show. I learned that Yessica is a coyote, like me. (that’s a halfbreed for you hispanically challenged) I learned I’m a racist because I like ice cream and watermelon. I also learned that Cheech and Chong did not really run an ice cream truck like I thought when I was a teenager. (snicker)

    I also learned that all the jobs I did when I was a kid are now beneath me and only illegal aliens will do them. For about the same amount of money I was being paid back then. I also learned that I don’t care all that much about people too lazy to get a job no matter what it pays. And, I learned all you guys are crazy! Which is why I’m here all the time.

  • Rob

    The icecream truck song is GREAT!!

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