SooperPodcast #158!! Bern Lives Matter!! W/ Protesters Matt Dawson And Shashondra Heddings


Since we recorded the last podcast before the main debate, we thought we’d do a short podcast to talk about it. It turned into a whole hour suckfest. EL Sooper relates his glee at “Black lives Matter” protesters screwing over the Bernie Sanders, Helvetica curses and spits out LOTS of racist epithets, and Matt Dawson is there too. I think.
WOW you have to listen!!

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  • You guys are all wrong about some of the questions Kelly, Baier and Mathews asked. Starting the debate with a gottcha question about a 3rd party candidacy was obviously aimed at Trump and nobody else. The question about what he said about some lard ass like Rosie O’Donnell made it clear that this debate was going to be a hatchet job against Trump.

    I could care less what any of the candidates said about someone in the past, I wanted to hear answers to questions that matter to America. How are you going to bring jobs back to America and get our economy going again? What are you going to do to secure our borders? After the borders are secure what is your solution for the millions of illegals already here? What are you going to do to make sure Americans are protected against radical Islamist attacks on our own soil? Are you going to rein in the EPA and offer sensible solutions to environmental problems? Are you going to work with our allies in the Middle East to defeat radical Islam and bring stability to the area. Do you think Obama’s gutting of our military poses a serious risk to our national security and what are you going to do to strengthen our military? What are you going to do about the VA medical system and its failure to provide healthcare for all veterans in a timely matter?

    The list goes on and on but the point is we wanted to hear what the candidates were going to do to solve the many problems we have in this country. Problems that have escalated under the Obama administration. The moderators failed miserably and did nothing but stir up controversy while talking about themselves and asking asinine questions one third of the time instead of letting the candidates talk.

  • Rags that knock you out and the New York Times? That was funny! Great show sooper, catch you later.

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