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Watch ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Threaten to SHUT DOWN Bernie Sanders Speech!!

The “Black Lives Matter” movement has brought me so much joy today by attacking Bernie Sanders supporters and taking over his speaking event in Seattle. I cannot tell you how much happiness floods into my bitter little brown heart to see liberals attacking other liberals.

Here’s more amazingness:

Watch for this precious moment:

I’ve posted other video of what happens when they screech at the organizer to shut him down, and the entire speech afterward where one protester calls the entire crowd a bunch of white racists. They did NOT like that! LOL!

The lesson here is that when you encourage extremism, it often comes back to bite you on the Bern!!

‘Megyn Kelly Had Blood Coming Out Of Her… Wherever’ – Trump WHAT?!?!
  • It’s a shame that none of this will show up on the news this week. Sanders and his wackiness is being marginalized by the Lib media.

  • pathfinder

    Social media is a wonderful thing 😉
    Just as long as it doesn’t get so bad as to drive Uncle Bernie out of the primaries — I think the Dem voters deserve to have lots and lots of options just like him and Hillary to choose to support to the end…because choice is important.
    Plus I like watching them act like the things they really are: minions from the Screwtape Letters.

  • A C.S. Lewis fan. Ha-ha! Nice.

  • Marla Hughes

    Missing you on Facebook. Your people are crying out for sustenance.