highway 70 shut down ferguson

WATCH SUV Drive THROUGH Gay Women Of Color Protesters Shutting Down Ferguson Highway

This is just puzzling. For the anniversary of Mike Brown’s death, “Black Lives Matter” protesters, who also happen to be “gay women of color,” have shut down a highway. Because that’s what Mike Brown wanted more than anything.

To shut down freeways.

But one driver wasn’t having it:

Here are some videos from before that event:

Well OK then.

“We have successfully shut shit down!”

Enjoy prison, idiots.

It doesn’t look like the good people of Missouri are terribly tolerant of “gay women of color” who shut down freeways in memory of a cop-assaulting thug:

Give them a reason, protesters, give them a reason….


Finally some arrests are happening:

SooperPodcast #158!! Bern Lives Matter!! W/ Protesters Matt Dawson And Shashondra Heddings
  • H

    Hahaha, queers of color!!
    Its disney land usa

  • 20thCenturyVole

    Get the dogs.

  • Wingman

    I’ve always wanted a fat dyke for a hood ornament!

  • gastorgrab

    What about left-handed gay women of color?

    Don’t they deserve a voice????

  • Portnoy

    No shit. These pricks set up their bullshit. BLOCK OFF an interstate highway. The cops show up, stand around for awhile, go and roust them off, a few of them get arrested..get a couple of 3 hots and a cot…

    Bullshit. Show up with the dogs. Watch those fuckers scatter.

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  • amabokcuf

    Time to cut down the socialists thugs…

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  • Kelly Zat

    The guy who was body slammed, everyone in the cars who could see that probably cheered. I would have. Though where I am traffic is like some kind of Mad Max type adventure.

  • pathfinder

    nice body slam by that officer (and nice voiceover on that one video, I’m just picturing the guy behind the camera; I’m thinking skinny, little white college guy with ironic glasses and scraggly beard, Sjw message shirt and baggy unwashed khakis) — a friend of ours was caught up in that mess; she was scared @#$%less, plus late for an appointment, and really wanted the cops to be more, uh, assertive (she’s black by the way: all of this bs hasn’t exactly been good for her or her son; it’s giving her a lot of worry she doesn’t need and not good for her little start up business; …guess their black lives don’t matter); I’ve got a lot of friends that have to routinely travel that stretch of I70 — I really don’t want to see any of them harmed by these creeps

  • pathfinder

    One way to have fixed that would just to have the motorists line up and go forward — don’t have to go fast, just go forward in a line; like the mounted cops do. That crowd would have broken up. Let that happen to them a few times and their power is essentially broken — they’re banking on people stopping like they did.

  • aliswell

    Dope and change. Yeah, Barry, you built this.

  • theGOONIES

    I wouldn’t have stopped . Get in the crosswalks fools.

  • Get417

    Props to the one guy who drove though. If only a few of the tractor trailers would have gone though, that chain of idiots would have broken up real fast.

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  • Inspector Javert

    and watch the left compare it to Birmingham and make the protesters into martyrs. #damnedifyoudodamnedifdon’t

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  • Robert Paul Doran

    Wonder how many people could’ve died in the back of an ambulance en route to the hospital because of Moral Monday protests? How many houses burned down because firetrucks were blocked?

  • Pat

    Is it just my imagination or are liberals becoming totally lawless and turning peaceful law abiding society into anarchy? If it gets to the point where I need to run somebody over with my vehicle and shoot my way into and out of Walmart just to get my groceries…..then so be it.

  • Unspeakable

    He broke the dike.

  • No people of color were stopped on their way to work this day.

  • Little Dutch boys Fred and Mike

    Had to put their fingers in a dyke

  • IDIOTS ! Communist IDIOTS…..If that was my car stopped…..I would have gotten out, removed my tags…..AND PLAYED BOWLING BALL with my car and would have gotten a strike!!!

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