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Trump Didn’t Defend White Supremacists Because He’s Racist – You Know Why He Did It

We all know why Trump was infuriated at that third press conference where he took questions about the Charlottesville attack. It’s not because he’s racist and likes white supremacists. It’s not even because he hates left-wing activists.

It’s because someone, anyone, attempted to criticize him in any way.

It doesn’t even matter how they did it. His only principle of moral action is “if someone hits me, I’ll hit them ten times as hard.” His fans love him for it.

So someone tied him to white supremacists, and it sounded like a criticism.

And he went on Twitter, and all his adoring fans were screaming, “what about the leftists?!?” And he turned on Fox News and all his adoring fans were screaming, “what about the leftists?!?”

So, after a brief foray into pretending he’s “presidential” and listening to his wiser aides, he reverted back to Trump.

And he screamed, “what about the leftists?!?!”

Because when you don’t have any principles, and you don’t really believe in anything except in your personal self-preservation and self-aggrandizement, it doesn’t really matter who is right. All that matters is someone is criticizing you.

And so you lash out with a irrational, illogical defense, but one that feels good. It feels good to say someone else is worse than you, so you’re OK. It doesn’t actually make you a better person, but it justifies whatever failing you have as long as you can hypocritically say someone else is worse.

So is he racist? He’s probably not even aware enough to hate people for their skin color. He just hates anyone who says anything bad about him, and loves anyone who says anything good about him.

And none of this matters.

  • MikeyParks

    As the ACLU will affirm, sticking up for the rights of unsavory groups isn’t the same as advocating for those groups. To acknowledge that the so-called “alt-right” had a permit to demonstrate and was granted the right to gather isn’t condoning their beliefs. On the other hand, to condemn violent Leftist groups like Antifa or BLM for coming armed to break up a lawful demonstration is simply realism. There is nothing noble about Antifa or BLM. They’re just as unsavory as the “alt-right.” And in this particular case, had they not shown up, there would have been no violence or death.

  • aliswell

    “So someone tied him to white supremacists, and it sounded like a criticism.”

    Ummm…..that is criticism.

    In addition, President Trump is rightfully annoyed that the propagandist machine (you know, the “media”) is utterly ignoring the epidemic of violence being perpetrated by leftists like the domestic terrorist group called Antifa. Frankly, you’d have to be tone deaf not to realize most of this country is fed up with leftist violence and the propagandist machine that encourages it.

  • vladdy

    This is really a misleading (and indicative of TDS) essay. No, it was not some childish “You hit me, I’ll hit you back.” It was a continuing effort to correct the press in public because they continue to lie about what he said. We, the voters, whether DT supporters or not, deserve the hear his own words, not biased media’s interpretation of his words They often do not have the sophistication to understand (although they think they do.)

    An example: The Washington Correspondent was interviewed on radio the other day. She giggled a lot and made one comment about DT – “He has skinheads at his rallies.” Obviously, she did not research the Soros-funded paid mobs. Then she went back and wrote and article about the station her interviewer works for. It was her opinion, written as fact, that the TV station had blond newscasters as a (excuse overused cliche’) “dog whistle for racists.”

    This is the head D.C. writer for New York magazine. She said on radio that she is 25. Obviously, she did not know or did not research that Fox has been under new managment for quite awhile now and that they are not a conservative outlet. So in a few days, she called a TV station and the president racist (yes she did, although she did not use the word.) The lack of knowledge (being only 25) and research is what defines much of the press today. They rely on their inter-bubble cliches’ and stereotypes rather than digging for the truth. It would be alright if these articles were not affecting not only political careers, but by extension, race relations and possible violent outbreaks in the U.S. and taken further, world affairs.

    Adding to this confusion because you don’t like DT is not ethical. What it is, is an opinion stated as fact, that further degrades the office and the intelligence of Americans….and disregards the truth of what people can see and hear for themselves, thanks to events like yesterday’s press conference. And this is only one of a plethora of opinion pieces adding to the reputation of various media outlets pushing “fake news.”

  • Abesurd

    I guess Sooper mex doesn’t believe in the constitution and I thought he was a Cruz supporter the constitutional genius.

  • what the hell are you talking about. how does this have anything to do with the constitution? are you braindead?

  • Elena0412

    Trump tied himself to “white supremacists” when he courted them and retweeded them. That’s his base: those who voted for him in the primaries instead of supporting a sane, intelligent, candidate who doesn’t need to import wives from former Soviet Bloc countries.

  • aliswell

    a) Trump did not “court” white supremacists. That is a lie.
    b) Trump’s base is the majority of this country, so claiming his base constitutes white supremacists is a lie.
    c) Trump met his wife at a party, he did not “import” her. So again, you lie.

    Tell me, why do leftists always lie? Nature or nurture?

  • RageHard84

    Both sides suck. F them. F society.

  • Grant Naylor

    Better get used to similar responses Soop – Its going to be a long LONG 4 years.

  • Hmask

    You hitting back Sooper….or is it only trump that does that?

  • RageHard84
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  • darkstar58

    A – so retweeting white supremacists isn’t an attempt to connect with them or show support… okay, lol
    b – he didn’t even get a “majority” of the pitifully low amount of people who voted in the last election …in fact, he got about the lowest percent possible in the second lowest turnout ever seen
    C – which Russian wife are we talking about here? The second one? She didn’t have a legal status when she first started running around with Trump, and only received a Green Card and residency in 2001 – 6 years after they started dating. She then became a citizen in 2006, a year after getting married …yeah, shes an imported wife

  • aliswell

    a) Obamao invitedand met with members of the domestic terrorist group BLM at the White House – several times! FAR worse than a simple retweet.
    b) Another lie. One of the highest turnouts in recent history. What’s more, Trump did win the majority. Do a little research and you’ll find there were anywhere from 7,000,000 to 9,000,000 fraudulent votes cast in this last election…..nearly all of which went to Hilligula.
    c) Sorry, but regardless of when the First Lady became a legal citizen Trump did not import her like some mail-order bride. Another lie.

    Class dismissed.