About MEX

SOOPer. MEXY. CONservative.


Businessman, wise Latino, cartoonist, somewhat studied in theology, science, math and philosophy.

Thomas Sowell wears my t-shirt design.

Karl Rove says I’m very clever.

My T-Rex has a Margarita.

Awarded 2013 Mini-Blogger of the Year!

Dana Perino said my name on the Hannity show.

And then later on ‘The Five.”

And then later on my podcast!

Michelle Malkin demanded reporters credit me and #SaySoopermexican

She pressured Howard Kurtz into doing it!

Jedediah Bila winked at me!!!

Monica Crowley tweeted me!


Jonah Goldberg vaguely tolerates me.


My cartoonist hero, Michael Ramirez, drew a cartoon about my story.

I caused a media firestorm by proving MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell lied.

My video “God Made a Liberal” went viral on the youtubes.


As heard on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show!


And on the Larry Elder show.

And quoted on the Hugh Hewitt show.

and the Tim Conway Jr. show.


Here are my opinion articles at  Fox News Latino.

And the Independent Journal Review.

Linked at Fox News.

Posted at the Daily Mail.

and on National Review Online.

and Breitbart.com.

and Glenn Bleck’s Blaze.

often on Twitchy Politics

and the Atlantic Monthly.

and Yahoo News.

and ABC news.

and excoriated on DAILY KOS.

also at the Village Voice!

and quoted on some public access cable show called CurrentTV


Alec Baldwin is my arch-nemesis.

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  • xsnake

    …..and now you’ve got xsnake reading you.

  • Irony Curtain

    Congrats on the Rush mention… again! http://iotwreport.com/?p=279898#respond

  • Lush Places

    SooperMexican: Humor and great analysis! The Left has no defense for this.

    I’ve started a blog about politics, culture, etc from a patriotic, TR-style progressive view. Any advice on how to promote the site and engage with other like-minded blogs?

    Not spamming, but here’s what it looks like: http://www.newyorkace.net/

  • hazmat

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