Political Parties

What Special Interests are the Top Campaign Contributors?

Those who blame monied interests in Washington often screech about Big Oil or Big Pharma or Big Defense. You would think that they were the overwhelming campaign contributors against those poor leftist underdogs who have scant resources to defend themselves against the capitalist wolves.

If you care about reason and facts, however, you’ll find that Unions and other Leftist organizations top the list of the main contributors to political campaigns.

As shown above, of the top ten contributors since 1989, FOUR represent different kinds of unions, including SEIU representing Federal Employees and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, representing every other public employee!

Leftist PAC, ActBLUE heads the list as the greatest contributor, followed by one of only two corporations to be in the top ten, AT&T.


Finally, the other two groups at the top are the National Education Association, and  The American Association for Justice, which used to be called the Trial Lawyers of America, and advocate against those who support tort reform. Both of these have been targets by conservatives, the one for imposing a top-down federal system of education that fails to educate children in Math and English, and the other for litigation that strangles business and innovation.

And yet they whine and holler about monied interests only defending the Right…

source: www.opensecrets.com

— update —

Oh I almost forgot – Goldman Sachs gave mostly to Democrats, and the Realtors Association and AT&T gave heavily to those on both sides. So contributions to Democrats heavily outweigh that to Republicans among the top contributors in the last 20 years.