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Occupy Oakland Flyer Advocates Violent Overthrow of Capitalism

Counter to what the media would have you believe, the Occupy protesters have been waiting for the right time to get violent. Andrew Breitbart has done some great investigative work showing how radical extremists have co-opted the movement or their destructive agenda.

Oakland has been the focus of a lot of the worst actions of the entire movement. The police evicted the protestors forcefully, and since then the occupiers have pushed back. They’ve even called for a general strike on Wednesday.

Here is the first evidence that the occupiers are gearing up for a violent operation against the police.

Self-touted ‘graphic journalist’ and Occupy supporter Susie Cagle tweeted the following message with a picture taken at the Oakland protest:

The flyer she mentions specifically calls out the “pacifists” to stand up and fight violently against the police in order to destroy capitalism and fundamentally transform society. Read the flyer yourself:

These are some of the more relevant portions:

When you citizens arrest someone, you are unwittingly complicit with the constellation of power that wages a daily war against freedom and peace. In fact, you are a walking, talking, breathing apparatus of control, and auxilary of the police force.

How dare you even ask for non-violence, when violence has ALREADY been used by the police?

You too will experience their terror and more.

If you desire “economic justice” then we encourage you to pursue it. Meanwhile we wild one will go beyond that demand. We seek a total transformation of society. We seek the complete annihilation of capitalism.

We want to start over together. We are going to begin that process on Wednesday. We won’t stop you if you don’t stop us.

Are you with us or against us?


Is this what the democrats are so proud to stand up for? Is this what Obama wants for our country? It’s curious that they use the same language as he did before the election when he said he sought a complete transformation of our society.

Watch Andrew Breitbart lay out the plans of the Occupiers: