James O’Keefe Video on New Hampshire Election Fraud

James O’Keefe is unstoppable. He shows how easy it is to vote fraudulently in New Hampshire since no identification is necessary.

Of course, if anyone actually tries to remedy this awful situation, they’re racist. We know this because Democrats tell us minorities are too stupid or just plain physically incapable of getting identification. That’s not racist. No.

When one of his operatives interviews a Ward moderator, he says that in 43 years, it’s never happened. Right. Like we’re gonna trust a gringo with a beehive afro.

“Is it possible, yes, could it happen, no.”

“We go to great lengths in the system… my supervisors check the newspapers daily, the obituaries…. It’s not just one prong, it’s multiple prongs, interacting.”

There, don’t you feel better?