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Mitt Supports Liberal Tactic Against Conservatives

The ethics violations charges and fine that has dogged Newt Gingrich since he was forced out of congress has once again become an issue. Mitt Romney and his supporters keep throwing this at Gingrich, even though the evidence shows there was no wrong-doing, and the accusations were completely false.

This short newsclip has some of the details from the exoneration of Newt in 1999:
h/t VerumSerum

So why are some conservatives pushing a decades old lie that was used to bring down one of own? Because they’re desperate.

At Verum Serum:

In short, Democrats trumped up some BS charges against the #1 threat to their congressional empire by applying standards they would never and have never applied to their friends. This is the same tactic used on Sarah Palin to hound her out of office. Keep filing charges until you create so much smoke that people assume there must be a fire. Charges appear on the front page, word that charges were nonsense appear much later and deeper in the papers.

In fact, Chris Christie has used this false allegation as the main argument for Newt being unstable and unreliable. If that’s the best case, and it’s false, then they either have no argument or at all, or are just terrible at debating these things.