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This Week in Media Covering for the Parasitical Liberal Left

It’s been a busy week for the moronic wing comprising most of the Left! All manner of liberal idiots have shoved their feet so far down their own throats, they almost can’t goose-step to Obama’s commands! Somehow they still manage.

Yesterday, as I have detailed on my blog, and annoyed my twitter followers with, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank derided Hispanics with one dim-witted sentence:

“The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos. “

Forget that the chimichanga isn’t even a latino dish, but actually invented by anglo Americans. How would the media take it if a right-winger had said democrats offer African-americans fried chicken, or chop suey to Asians? That poor gringo would have been strung up by his heels. Dana, being an obedient liberal, hardly even gets a tap on the wrist.

And in fact, when Conservative Latinos objected to his characterization, he continued mocking us with more tweets about Hispanic cuisine. Will the media hound him for this?

Obama’s own campaign manager, Jim Messina, got into the act and tweeted approval of the line. When called on it, he deflected, by digging the hole even deeper – he tweeted out an article characterizing Latinos as only caring about immigration. What is amazing is that polling shows Hispanics care first and foremost about jobs, almost twice as much as they care about immigration – maybe this is why Obama’s support is dwindling in the Latino community, another fact the article conveniently neglected to mention.

Will he heed the calls from many of us to apologize? Not likely – not without the support of the leftist media who would scurry like cockroaches, screeching and hissing out the story at every instance, had it only been a Republican.

Apparently Harry Reid heard of this insult to Latinos, and thought, “I can beat that!” So video surfaced of an interview where he said of conservative Marco Rubio, Tea Party favorite of Cuban descent:

“Marco Rubio needs to know who he is and who he represents. He doesn’t represent the Tea Party…”

See the video here from Breitbart.TV

Pair this up with this previous statement, “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay. Do I need to say more?” and you get a pretty clear picture of the incredible arrogance and contempt with which the democrat party holds the latino electorate. Will he get any main stream grief for it? Somehow I doubt it.

Finally, Al Gore must be intensely proud of Keith Olbermann, the dim-witted herald of his cable TV endeavor Current. At a recent meeting of the mindless with Markos Moulitsas, they sagely intellectualized the Occupy Wall Street movement, and singled out the many instances of rapes as either not occurring, or not worth noting. Olbermann even tweeted later how proud he was that Andrew Breitbart was criticizing him for denying the “hallucinatory” and “imagined” rapes, that the Breitbart gang has documented over and over.

This should come as no surprise. This is the same democrat party that breathlessly excused Ted Kennedy’s “indiscretion” that cost the life of Mary Jo Kopechne, by opining that she probably would have thought her life worth throwing away if she only knew all the great things he did – like lowering the voting age?

Over and over the liberal Left shows their arrogant and disgusting disdain of the constituency they’re supposed to represent. To Dana Milbank, Latinos are just chimichanga-eaters; to Olbermann and Moulitsas, women can be raped as long as the filthy rapists fit their utopian vision of striking at the rich; to Harry Reid, Marco Rubio is just a skin color, and should represent not the electorate that voted for him, but the collection of other similar skin colors, who need not consult their intellect to decide who to vote for, only their race or ethnicity.

Hopefully more Americans will wake up to the domestic policy violence of the liberal left. The only difference between the filthy degenerate Occupiers physically violating Americans and the this political pundit class of parasites is that the latter commit their acts of rape and murder on the soul of America.