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Obama’s Gubmint Subsidied Condoms!

The right wing conservatives of this country have been completely scammed. And we fell for it.

The Obama administration wanted to distract America from the terrible performance of his stimulus program, and the way he wanted to do it is to label his opposition, the conservatives, as rabid crazy theocratic totalitarians destroying opportunities for women and minorities to get ahead.

When Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut, he fell into the trap.

And while I think he is worth defending, the left is simply more organized than we are. The liberals can take advantage of a false story much more than we are willing to take advantage of a true story.

And this is why Rush Limbaugh apologized.

He was wrong to fall into the trap, but we are guilty for not being able to defend him from the fascist liberal onslaught against the right to free speech.

So here is his apology, via the Right Scoop:

Listen to it well  – Rush gives a gallant apology and also gives a brilliant defense against the accusations, while explaining the circumstances of the faux outrage and made up controversy.

Well this is what I have to say about that:


A fortiori, Ai Politics makes the further claim that Sandra Fluke is lying about birth control costing $3000.