The Secret Bloody History of Earth Day!

In an earlier post I made very clear the contempt with which I hold “Earth Hour“. the idiotic attempt by the eco-fascists of the Left to “raise awareness” of environmental issues by having everyone turn their electrical appliances off for an hour. I won’t pretend that I extend this contempt to Earth Day by popular demand, but only through my aristocratic whim. Enjoy, gringos!


Some Sources:

Lenin’s Murderous Regime
A Killer Abroad – About Ira Einhorn
Very Explicit Photos from the Murder of Holly Madrox
Extradition Denial Brings Grief to Brother, Sister
Ira Skips out on Bail
Earth Day co-founder written out of history

Earth Day Resulted in DDT Ban

Banning DDT Killed More People Than Hitler

Silent Spring at 50 years: Reexamining Rachel Carson’s Classic

Halloween Hangover: Ehrlich, Holdren, Hansen Unretracted

Facts about Malaria from the WHO, 2010