Marxist University Evicts Marxists From Occupying Its Property

This is too precious. In case you don’t know about it, filthy hippies have occupied a tract of land owned by University of California Berkeley for a few weeks, ostensibly for the sake of providing food for the community.

PJ Media has a hilarious and eye-opening look at the farm when it began.

There is something so satisfying about a lefty University that helps spread the kind of vomit that spews forth from their students having to suffer the results of those teachings applied to their own property.

Well, those Marxist teachers aren’t going to take this Marxism from the Marxist students!!

Early this morning officers from the UCPD, along with personnel from other UC police departments, began taking the steps necessary for UC Berkeley to regain full control and supervision of our property in and around the Gill Tract. After weeks of patient dialogue, engagement and rejected offers of compromise, we deeply regret that the occupiers’ actions and continued insistence on free and unfettered access to what is an open air laboratory left us no choice but to take this step. As the occupiers said in their statement rejecting our invitation to participate in efforts to sustain urban agriculture, “We’re not ceding control or supervision.”

It is no cause for celebration that the involvement of law enforcement is required to secure our fundamental property rights and protect a core value that is an indivisible part of who we are: academic freedom; the ability of our faculty and students to pursue their scientific interests without interference. We have said from the beginning that we would honor our commitment to protect the university’s rights and values.

read the entire statement here

So there are reports coming out of California that cops are “tackling” peace activists that are simply watering plants. Cops are “raiding”, and stole supplies! UC Berkeley has joined the “Police State” by demanding it’s property rights!

Also on video, a protester had a megaphone with the writing, “FU*K the police, go to hell and die!”  A threat against cops? Classy.

Thank you cops! Keep stompin hippies!


Some more pics:


“You look like you’re in need of pepper spray to the face.”

This woman is VERY upset that she doesn’t have access to fruits and vegetables. From an occupier video, this very touching scene between two occupiers in front of the police line: Thankfully, there’s an off-duty clown ready to provide some comfort: This spunky prostitute got confused and thought she was waiting to audition for American Idol: