Video, Podcasts, Cartoons About My WAWAGate Story

I have reached the summit of my blogging career – the intelligent and lovely Dana Perino mentioned me on the Hannity Show:

Of course, they were discussing the story I broke about Andrea Mitchell smearing Mitt Romney with a deceptively edited video. The story made it all the way to the front page of the Fox News Website.

And she followed it up with this gracious message:



As if that weren’t enough, more kudos arrived from the similarly gorgeous and intelligent Monica Crowley:



Michelle Malkin was terribly supportive – I can’t thank her enough for all the tweets, and posts, and general encouragement:


Not quite as beautiful, but very insightful conservative, Jonah Goldberg sent this:



On Rush Limbaugh’s show!

On the Glenn Beck Show!

On the O’Reilly Show:



And on the Midday Fox News Panel:




By my hero, Mike Ramirez, at Investor’s Business Daily:

And finally, thank you sincerely to every single tweeter, blogger, journalist,  patriotic citizen, and anyone else who helped me spread this story. I was overwhelmed and humbled by your support.

Ok, enough bragging.

Let’s get back to this war.