Buzzfeed Runs Deceptive Headline; Obama Team Immediately Declares “GameChanger!”

Today Buzzfeed ran a video from a Paul Ryan interview with a local news crew under the following headline:

Paul Ryan Gets Testy And Walks Out Of Interview

Except that’s not what happened – the interviewer asked a rather odd question that was hostile to Ryan, and misrepresents his position. Ryan’s aide shut down the interview, not Ryan, who hardly seems angry, but seems annoyed and quizzical.

Conservatives immediately took issue with the description and the headline of what happened:

But the headline did it’s job – the Obama team is already pushing it as a “gamechanger”:

I think perhaps the Obama team is looking to declare ANYTHING a game-changer after the amazing and historic poll results from Obama’s debate implosion.

Brad Woodhouse is the DNC Communications Director, Danny Kanner and Lis Smith are the Deputy Director and Director of the Rapid Response for Obama for America.

And of course, the liberal media will play the spin over and over:

After the criticism, Buzzfeed has changed the title, but it’s still tilted against Ryan, and not really what happened:

Paul Ryan Gets Testy And Ends Interview

I think we’ll see more of this as we get closer to the election…


Here was the explanation that Ben from Buzzfeed gave for the headline:

Apparently “walking away from an interview” literally means that Paul Ryan put one foot in front of the other after an interview, and did not imply at all that he stomped off in the middle of an interview, just as the Obama team took it.

Great job guys!! I’m sure the Obama team appreciates all your support!


The Romney team was SO ANGRY at the reporter, that they offered him a slot in the campaign reporter pool.

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