Sensata Has Seen 38% Increase in Employment, Creating 4,350 Jobs Since Bain Acquisition

As far as I can tell, the Sensata outrage has dwindled down to some vague assertion that the outsourcing of 170 jobs from Illinois to China is exactly the kind of America that Romney would give us. Even though he hasn’t been at Bain for 12 years. And Obama also has stake in Sensata through a pension fund.

The problem is that to present the jobs being outsourced is only one part of the story. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Romney will run America like Bain runs Sensata. And one of the most pressing issues Americans are concerned with, is unemployment.

I’m not sure what policy Sensata has, if any, on LGBT rights or whether the Catholic church should pay for Sandra Fluke’s condoms. However, I do know that since the time that Bain acquired Sensata, they have created 38% more jobs than they had before.

Now let’s take into consideration how many jobs they are outsourcing: 170 in Freeport, Illinois, which is about 1.5% of total Sensata jobs. Now, just the fact that these jobs are leaving and those employees will have to find other jobs is less than optimal, to quote our president.

However, if America had the job growth Sensara had since 2006, there would be 50 million more jobs available. Now, that’s very unrealistic, of course, but what these numbers provide is perspective – for every ONE job that Sensata is outsourcing in Freeport, it has created 25 jobs since Bain acquired it.

The liberal media will interview the poor folks who lost their jobs to this outsourcing, and completely ignore the 25 families that live on the jobs that industry created, not some government program.