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500 Muslim Youth Attack And Destroy Christian Center in Egypt

Demolished Christian Center, via MCN news

In Obama’s Egypt, Christians continue to be targeted by Islamists after the Muslim Brotherhood was handed the reins of government:

A group of about 500 Muslim youth tore down a Christian social centre in a Fayoum village on Tuesday believing the building would be converted into a church.

“About 500 youth turned up at the building site so I called the deputy commissioner at the Tamia police station and informed him of the situation before it was torn down but he ignored me,” said Armia Shawqi, the Fanous village priest.

And the authorities looked away – how could you ignore 500 people destroying a building?

Shawqi said he kept trying to reach the deputy commissioner for a further three hours in an effort to stop clashes between Muslims and Christians but received no response. He added that the deputy commissioner arrived on the scene only after the building had been taken down.

“I also called the village mayor but he did not interfere to stop the demolition,” he said. Shawqi filed a complaint but no one has been arrested yet.

From Egyptian sources on twitter, it seems that the center was actually intended to be a charitable organization to help those who are in need. It was destroyed just based on the rumor that it might be converted to a Christian worship site!

Construction had begun two months ago on the 100-metre plot of land for a Christian centre and events hall. The association behind it had obtained the required licences from the authorities according to Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights researcher Ishak Ibrahim.

The building serves around three thousand Christians from five villages in the area.

Via Daily News Egypt [emphasis added]

Obama’s support of the “Arab Spring” is being taken out on Christians, and spurred the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi. Now there are reports that 7 Americans have been taken hostage by Al-Qaeda affiliates in Algiers after the French attack on insurgents in Mali – that can also be traced back to Obama’s support of the Arab Spring, as these Islamists came straight from Libya after the fall of Qaddafi.

Too bad Americans’ obama-phones don’t get newsflashes about these events.