Once More… Salon, Huffpo Misleading Liberals That Juan Williams is a Conservative Fox Host

It’s only been two weeks since I documented one of the left’s favorite news media tactic to push their agenda and misled their moron readers:

A Lapdog Media Tactic: Pushing An Agenda With Misleading Headlines

Well  here we go again!

Juan Williams is well known to Fox News viewers as one of the lefty liberals they have on to give the wrong side of the argument.

He was recently caught publishing a column with segments that look like they’ve been plagiarized – he blames a researcher of his.

But here’s the rub – the way the Huffington Post is reporting it misleads lazy and stupid liberal followers into thinking he’s conservative:

Notice the headline doesn’t mention at all that he’s liberal. Now go to the article – it doesn’t mention ONCE that he’s a liberal.

So once again, the same liberal lemmings run to laugh at the dumb Fox plagiarist – because they’re too stupid to know he’s a liberal, not a conservative.

And once again, they’re lead by the same washed up comedienne liberal Elayne Boosler, just as they were two weeks ago:

One of her similarly stupid followers replies:


The story originated at Salon, where again, they don’t happen to mention the liberal leanings of Juan Williams:

Not mentioned in the headline, not mentioned in the entire story. Of course the dimwits at Daily Kos help push the idea, as they don’t post that Juan is a liberal:


Former Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta does the same – coincidence, right?


This is exactly what they did with the ridiculous comments from Bob Beckel, another liberal Fox News host. All a coincidence, right?