Restaurant Bonefish Grill Drops Alec Baldwin from Voice Over Ads


With Alec Baldwin headlong dive back into the chasm of enraged craziness, conservatives on twitter have bombarded those corporations which continue to choose to associate with him. Last year, I posted a list of all the companies that employ him as a spokesperson, wondering aloud why they are proud in doing so. Apparently, not all of them still do:


Baldwin has been a spokesperson for the Bonefish Grill since June of 2011.

I’ve asked them via twitter for a comment on when exactly they parted ways, but haven’t received a response yet.

Was it due to his recent brush with homophobia? Stay tuned!!


This was posted on Bonefish Grill’s facebook page. Still no answer:



I think Bonefish Grill has been playing a semantics game – while he wasn’t officially their spokesperson, he was employed as a voice-over actor on their ads. I have asked if this is the case, and received no reply.


They finally did respond:

But this doesn’t answer my question – if they had employed him, when did they stop and why? Feel free to ask them via twitter, my gringos.

[SooperEditor’s Note: Originally this post was entitled “Restaurant Bonefish Grill Drops Spokesperson Alec Baldwin” but was changed in order to more accurately reflect his previous employment status with the company.]

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