Russell Simmons’ Editor-In-Chief Can’t Spell No Gewd

In the continuing and idiotic saga of Russell Simmons’ disgusting and wretched video insulting the memory of Harriet Tubman, I’ve been waiting for Michael Skolnick to chime in. He’s the “editor-in-chief” of Simmons’ Global Grind endeavor, and is used to saying stupid things without any consequences. He was up to the task of providing me with comedic fodder.


Thank you, editor-in-chief. You were lookin’ for “Lowes” and “biased.”

Skolnick got a lot of fawning praise over his statement on the twitters– none of them mentioned the typos. Did they actually read it, or more likely, are they just as stupid as Skolnick is?

Here’s a video to get you caught up on the Harriet Tubman Sex Tape furor: