Crack-smoking Toronto Mayor’s Favorability Now Nine Points Above Barack Obama’s


In a bad omen for Democrats hopes in the mid-term elections, Barack Obama’s favorability rating has slide so far that he’s now nine points under the rating for our favorite crack-smoking Canadian mayor.

In the most recent polling, Rob Ford gets 47% of Toronto’s denizen’s approval, while Obama gets a dismal 38% from Americans:

Mayor Rob Ford’s response to the December ice storm seems to have thawed his approval rating, according to a new poll.

A Forum Research poll provided exclusively to the Toronto Sun found Ford’s approval rating slid up in the wake of last month’s storm to 47% – up from 42% during the last poll on Dec. 9.

And Ford is on the upswing! Meanwhile back in Barackistan:

In the latest IBD/TIPP Poll, Obama’s favorability has dipped to 38%, a full five points from his polling in November of 43%.

Wow. That’s impressive. Maybe Obama should consider smoking some crack to get his approval rating up? I mean… it can’t hurt, right?