7 Things In Wendy Davis’ Past She’d Rather You Not Know!

Wendy Davis propelled herself into the spotlight after a 13 hour filibuster against an abortion bill called extreme by the left, but said to protect women’s health by raising clinic standards from the right.

Since then, her life story has been put before voters’ faces in an attempt to catapult Davis into the governorship, which would be the first time Texas had a Democrat governor since Ann Richards in 1990. But recently, new information has been brought to light by the Dallas News that puts into question many of the details of her “inspiring” life story. Here’s seven of them!

1) She was NOT a “divorced single mom at nineteen” as she has said many times.

Davis, now 50, has long said she first took a job at 14 to help support her single mother and three siblings in Fort Worth, Texas. By 19, she was married and divorced with a child of her own and living in a mobile home.

…But the Dallas Morning News reported Sunday that Davis was 21 — not 19 as stated in her online Texas Senate biography —when her first marriage ended in divorce. Also, Davis and her daughter Amber lived only a few months in her family’s mobile home. (AP)

It appears that Davis has been embellishing this little fact just so that she could utter the words, “divorced single mom at nineteen.” And not only that, but the lawyer testified about her falsified story under oath. From an interview in Vogue last year:

The marriage lasted less than two years, and by nineteen, Wendy was a divorced single mother working two jobs and living in a Richland Hills mobile home.

2) She lied about her mom to make her seem less educated!

She has also claimed that her mother was a single mother with only a 6th grade education. On the Facebook profile of her mother, Ginger Cornstubble, she is said to have attended Muleshoe High School in West Texas. The Davis camp is now saying she had a ninth grade education.

3) She was not as young as she said she was when her parents divorced.

Davis said under oath that her parents divorced when she was eleven years old. That’s not quite right.

Actually, Davis was nearly 13 years old. The original divorce petition was filed in November of 1975. Davis was then twelve and a half years old. The divorce petition states that Jerry and Virginia Russell lived together until May 5, 1975, and then separated. Wendy Davis was within nine days of her twelfth birthday when they separated, but when the divorce was granted, on January 9, 1976, Davis was almost thirteen.

 4) She made it sound as if her dad was a deadbeat – he wasn’t.

Part of Davis’ story is how her poor mother had to raise four children with “no child support.” She testified to this under oath.

According to the divorce records, the divorce court ordered Davis’ father to pay $8,320.00 a year in child and spousal support, placing Davis’ family above the federal poverty level of $5,456.00 in 1975.

Now she’s saying the child support “dried up.”

5) She divorced her second husband the day after he finished paying for her education

While he doesn’t seem too bitter about it, Wendy Davis’ second husband has mentioned that the very day after he made the last payment on her Harvard education, she dumped him for greener pastures:

At the age of 23, she married an attorney, Jeff Davis who was 13 years older than she. He paid for the completion of her degree at Texas Christian University, cashed in his 401(k), and took out a loan to pay for her education once she was accepted at Harvard. Davis left her second husband days after he paid off the loan on her education. According to the DMN article: Jeff Davis said that was right around the time the final payment on their Harvard Law School loan was due. “It was ironic,” he said. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.” (Examiner)

Ironic? Not sure that’s the exact word for it…

6) She walked away from her trailer mortgage after a few months

The word “trailer” keeps showing up in Davis’ story, but she actually only stayed there a few months after the divorce. She walked away from the mortgage and went to live with her mother before getting her own apartment. Is living a few months in a trailer all that heroic?

7) The epitome of career over family

By her own admission, she loved the “youthful” atmosphere at Harvard that contrasted so sharply to her small town upbringing, so it’s no surprise she ended up divorcing her husband and leaving her kids with him, including a child she had with another man. What’s that say about Davis?

Some of these misleading statements are worse than others, but it shows a pattern of behavior in Wendy Davis of being neglectful of her family, and disdainful of the truth, all for political gain.

So what else has the Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis embellished or misrepresented? And do Texans want someone who is so loose with the facts and figures as governor? That’s why they have elections.

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