One Fact Explains Why Hollywood’s Boycott of The Beverly Hills Hotel is Hypocritical and Self-Indulgent


The famed Beverly Hills Hotel has been declared off limits by celebrities who suddenly discovered that Muslim Sharia laws are anti-women and anti-gay, but one little fact shows how ineffectual and hypocritical their boycott really is.

A reported from the New York Post visited the hotel as a guest, and found it absolutely abandoned, with most of the employees told to go home because of the boycott. When she interviewed an employee, he acknowledged this overlooked fact:

“The Hotel Bel-Air is our sister, and there’s no boycott there. There are plenty of hotels owned by the Saudis, and they have Sharia law, and there’s no boycott either.”

So all the smug celebrities are going to do is take their money from one Sharia-supporting hotel to another Sharia-supporting hotel! It doesn’t matter though – like nearly every other liberal campaign, from recycling to hashtag diplomacy, it’s all about making them feel better rather than actually making the world better.

You’d have to be a conservative and make difficult decisions to do that.

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