Foreign Policy

Susan Rice’s Summation of Obama’s Speech Makes Us Think She Was Watching ‘Price is Right’ Instead


Few people cared enough to watch Obama’s foreign policy “reset speech” on Wednesday, but you might think that NSA Advisor Susan Rice might have been watching the ‘Price is Right’ instead, because her summation of his new policy came out of left field:

I mean, I can’t begin to name all the things wrong with this statement as a description of Obama’s foreign policy. Oh wait, yes we can! 

  1. Obama specifically said that “American Exceptionalism” is no greater a concept than any other nation’s ideal of exceptionalism, mean it’s relative and not absolute.
  2. Obama has specifically said that America needs to seek out partnerships and do less unilaterally, while filling his cabinet with people advocating America defend its national interests less.
  3. Obama has said that America should emulate Europe more in its fiscal and social policies. How do we lead when we’re following the French?
  4. During the overthrow of Mubarack’s government in Egypt, Obama dithered away and waited to see the outcome before he would speak out on being on the “right side of history.”
  5. The French have led many of the military strikes that Obama has encouraged, including those in Mali and in Libya.
  6. Do we really need to bring up Ukraine? Obama has been completely and utterly weak on supporting those disposed to Western liberal democracy in the former Soviet states which signaled to Putin to do exactly what Rice says Obama is preventing – fill the void of leadership.
  7. Even though 60% of Iranians want their government changed, when they rose up against the oppressive tyranny, Obama did nothing to help them, even though Iran supports terrorism and is one of our greatest enemies.
  8. How about Obama declaring Al Qaeda is dead and no longer a threat right before they attacked Benghazi and expanded their presence in Africa and the Gulf region?
  9. Is it leadership to declare the War in Afghanistan over and let it fall into chaos just so that he can put a feather in his cap and thumb his nose at George Bush?

And that’s just off the top of my head – we could toss in Venezuela, the South China Sea disagreement, missile defense agreements in Eastern Europe, his hashtag diplomacy, and abandoning Iraq. The entire list is boring and depressing, but it all underscores how pathetic it is for Rice to shameless say America has been leading under Obama’s neglect, or that it will start leading.

But hey, keep tweeting those gems, Suzy.