Illegal Alien Jose Vargas: I’ve ‘Earned’ Being a Citizen More Than Legal Immigrants


Jose Antonio Vargas has made a career out of being brazenly open about being an illegal alien in America and flouting the law. In this clip with Chris L. Hayes on MSNBC, he says that he has “earned” citizenship just because he’s paid some taxes. So, does that mean any illegal immigrant that waltzes across the border “deserves” citizenship? Is the principle we’re going to apply to policing our borders?

Watch below:

So just by being present in America, he’s “earned” citizenship? Doesn’t that spit in the face of every person who’d love to legally immigrate here but waits patiently? It does.

This is the insanity of the liberal left trying to shove “comprehensive immigration reform” down the throats of sympathetic, compassionate Americans. But what Jose Vargas cannot answer is if his parents paid someone to smuggle him from the Philippines into America when there wasn’t any amnesty, why would illegals stop streaming in once we started giving them amnesty?

It’s completely absurd.

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