MUST READ: Heart-breaking story of stolen 9/11 flag has a very happy ending on the Fourth of July

A family heart-broken over the theft of a very special flag last week got a surprise, appropriately on the Fourth of July.

Watch below:

From NBC New York:

An American flag that flew over the World Trade Center ruins and was given to the sister of a fallen firefighter has been returned after it was stolen last week.

 The flag showed up back on Melissa Brengel’s Long Island porch Thursday.

The person who took it returned it to the Huntington home with a note that said, “I am so sorry, I had no idea.”

The flag is particularly special to Brengel and was given to her by the September 11th Families Association.

“We put it out during certain times of the year just to remember,” she said.

Brengel’s brother Jonathan Ielpi was a 29-year-old FDNY firefighter working out of Squad 288 in Queens when he died on Sept. 11.

Wow. Even thieves have some modicum of respect for the fallen heroes of 9/11.

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