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Wait What? Democrat Angrily Claims That Deporting Illegals… is Illegal!

Here’s an irony alert for you. U.S. Representative Gutierrez went on the Reid Report this afternoon to angrily denounce fellow Congressman Raul Labrador’s suggestion that illegals be deported by emphatically claiming that it’s illegal to do so.

Now, technically he’s correct – under the law, illegal alien children who are not from Mexico cannot be immediately deported without additional steps taken to make sure they’re not victims of human trafficking. But it’s terribly ironic for this House Representative to be emphatically yelling about the inviolability of law passed by congress, when he’s calling on Obama to ignore the U.S. House and institute the Senate version of immigration reform unilaterally by executive order.

The Supreme Court was absolutely insane when it ruled in favor of religious rights in the Hobby Lobby case, but it was absolutely right when it ruled in favor of Obamacare, but also bought off by corporations in the Citizens United case. But Obama can ignore immigration law when he wants, and also “borrow” authority Congress whenever he wants to expand the Executive.

Also, isn’t “illegal” racist? He really should have said “undocumented.”

Remember, the law is only the law when it’s convenient for the Democratic political agenda.

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