America is to Blame for all the Gang Violence in Central America – Huffpost’s Ryan Grim

Huffpost’s Liberal Ryan Grim went on the Alex Wagner show on MSNBC to make sure that all Americans realize that it’s our fault there’s so much violence in Central America.

Here’s the clip of the genius at work:

The reason? Because we deported illegal alien gang members to Central America years ago. You see, they would have been perfect gentlemen and boyscouts had we just left them in America! If the host were intellectually honest, she would have asked if he prefers that vicious criminal illegal aliens not be deported and stay in America, to protect the citizens of Central America. But she didn’t, because she isn’t, because this is MSNBC.

SO we’re damned if we deport criminal illegal aliens, and we’re dead if we don’t. I prefer to deport them.

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