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MSNBC Guest: Jews Control the Media and Hide Coverage of Gaza Conflict

Well, we’ve heard this before. Visiting lecturer at Stanford University and former Washington Post reporter Jeanine Zacharia made the claim that Israel “shapes” the news coming out of the Gaza conflict, which colors international reaction and diplomatic relations. She even implied that the U.S. Government is reacting to this skewed reporting, even though we’ve been less than accepting of Israel’s position of late. I guess she’d like the U.S. to be an outright opponent of Israel.

Watch below:

Also I have no idea what one tweet was supposed to be indicative of. Otherwise I’d judge Jeanine based on this tweet where she thinks the State Department is a branch of the U.S. Government. Or the Pentagon. Or the Department of Agriculture.

Might want to hit some U.S. Gov’t 101 books.

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