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Less Than 3 Weeks After Declaring Syria Chemical Weapons Free, Obama Admin Says They Hid Weapons

chemical weapons

You know what’s worse than thinking dictators have weapons of mass destruction when they don’t? Announcing you made a dictator get rid of chemical weapons when you didn’t:

Rachel Maddow’s producer:

And today, from the Free Beacon:

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power expressed concerns that Syria may be hiding chemical weapons despite signing onto an agreement renouncing its chemical arms, the New York Times reports.

Power’s remarks were made at a private briefing of the U.N. Security Council. There are also concerns that Islamist militants, who control about half the country, could seize the hidden weapons.

Syria agreed to give up its chemical weapons a year ago under an agreement brokered by Russia and the United States.

Evil pig-dogs of ISIS with chemical weapons  – yet another success for Obama’s vapid foreign policy of “don’t do stupid $#!t” and “soft power.”

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