Shocking Discovery: Pajama Boy Works at The Washington Post Defending Obamacare!!

Bloggers made a shocking discovery this morning when they read a ridiculous article in the Washington Post attempting to put “context” around the comments made by Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber who said the law had to be written deceptively because the voters are too stupid to pass it honestly.

So they went to the writer’s Twitter to ask why he would do such a thing:

But.. hey.. wait a minute… let’s take a closer look at that avatar!

jose del realDoesn’t that kinda… look like…


HOLY CRAP IT’S PAJAMA BOY!! No WONDER he’s defending Obamacare! Obama must have called up his friends at the Washington Post and told them he needed yet another favor…

Pajamaboy-jose del real

As far as I could find, Mr. German Shepherd was the first to notice the resemblance:

Ironically enough, Jose actually laughed at a mocking article written about Pajama Boy way back when he was first used in Obamacare ads:

Anyway, people took him to task for the weird write-up that was meant to defend the comments but really didn’t at all:

Pajama Boy “updated” the post for clarity, but I can’t find what he changed, which might have been in response to the criticism:

Wow that’s so weird! Pajama Boy Jose was criticized for this paragraph where makes it appear that conservatives are wrong:

.. he blithely dismisses conservatives criticizing his hacktastic attack, and then hours later “updates” the article to take out the accusation that conservatives are wrong! I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Great job, Pajama Boy! We’re all impressed at you sacrificing journalistic integrity in order to help Obama not look like a complete jack-ass! You really took one for the team!!

And just for fun, these are the other guesses at the true identity of Pajama Boy I made way back when:



All you “stupid voters,” just keep repeating “the media is objective, I can trust the media!”