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Panicked Feminists (and a dog) Ran To A ‘Safe Space’ When Threatened by Libertarian Speech on Campus Assault

Christina Sommers was asked by a Republican Student Council to give a speech from a libertarian perspective on the truth of campus sexual assault, and the liberal left panic machine flew into high gear. They were terrorized by the very thought of a woman telling them the truth so they demanded “trigger warnings,” and offered a “safe space” where the meek-minded could find solace away from the threat of reality. Among the afflicted was one poor little puppy feminist:

She’s not joking. In the liberal Oberlin Review, they detail the harrowing plight of a feminist pooch that probably got PTSD just from the mere presence of the truth-telling Sommers on campus:

While Sommers declined to address accusations from her audience of being a “rape denialist,” activists organized a safe space in Wilder Hall during the event to affirm the experiences of survivors of sexualized violence and provide them with support. The alternative event, We’re Still Here, was attended by approximately 35 students and one dog.

The dog “attended”? Did it sign in to an attendance sheet? Was the dog wearing a “Hello My Name Is” name tag?

Anyway, she freaked out a bunch of freaks. Here’s more from Red Alert Politics:

Oberlin students, meanwhile, posted a nauseating letter about their objection to Sommers that came with–you guessed it!–its own trigger warning: “Content Warning: This letter contains discussion of rape culture, online harassment, victim blaming and rape apologism/denialism.” The very idea of Sommers coming to their school is so horrific that some may not be able to read about without permanent trauma. Stay strong, guys.

Also at Oberlin, two delightful young ladies informed the crowd that they would provide a safe space away from Sommers (who, meanwhile, needed a police escort to keep her away from protesters), which they would be “gatekeeping.”

Here’s the video:

Don’t laugh too heartily – this is the future of America unless we stop them in their boot tracks now.

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