Here Are 19 Times People Called Putin a ‘Thug’ Because He’s Black

redeye putin thug life

Apparently conservatives have to be forced to make the most obvious points to the mainstream media because they’re complete and utter morons who are more eager to swallow anything that liberals will feed them than Jenna Jameson is. I apologize for that reference. Anyway, NO, Soledad O’Brien, and other assorted dumbass leftists, calling people “thugs” who beat up white people because they’re white and burn down buildings because they’re black-owned isn’t racist. And here’s proof.

Here’s 19 times people called Vladimir Putin a “thug” because he’s black. Oh wait. No he’s not.

thug putin 01 thug putin Putin thug 2 putin thug

Now there are many, many, many, many more times that people have called Putin a thug, but I just got tired of screencapping it. Even so, idiots like Soledad O’Brien will swear up and down that it’s a “codeword” for saying “nigger.” And that’s why they’re pendejos.

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