Illegal Alien Who Doesn’t Want ICE to Deport HIM, BLAMES ICE For Not Deporting Illegal Immigrant Murderer!

This is just absurd and stupid and it shows how crazy the issue of immigration has gotten in this country. Jose Vargas is an illegal alien from Philippines, and he was invited on CNN to mock Donald Trump on his comments about illegal aliens. When Erin Burnett pushes him on the recent murder by an illegal alien in San Francisco, he starts shrieking incoherently about the racist attack on the black church in South Carolina.

Watch the abject stupidity below:

What an idiot. Erin Burnett actually put some tough questions to him, but she didn’t press him much after asking. Still, it’s pathetic that they would have an illegal alien on to talk about immigration. Do you think he might be somewhat biased based on his personal situation? LOL!

And don’t you love him blaming ICE for the illegal alien murder? Amazing.

Feel free to tweet my commentary on his idiotic comments to him. He blocked me a long time ago… (but no racist stuff, that would be kinda… counterproductive)

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