When Confronted By Trump’s Flip Flops, Ann Coulter Screeches ‘MEXICANS!!!’

There was a pretty good debate on Trump’s conservative bona fides on Hannity last night between cackling pterodactyl skeleton Ann Coulter and Charles C.W. Cooke from National Review. Although Hannity interrupted Cooke to defend the Donald, it’s pretty clear he won against him and Coulter.

Watch below:

Cooke lists the multitude of policies that Donald has flip flopped on, to which Ann Coulter shouts back, “but the Mexicans!” like a comical South Park caricature.

It’s unfortunate that we all likely agree on the problem of illegal immigration, but some of us are willing to be taken in by a charlatan conservative just because he insults people better than the other candidates.

Full disclosure: I am of Mexican descent.

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