Trump is Spreading Hatred With An ‘Empty Promise’ of Mass Deportation – Jorge Ramos LAST NIGHT on CNN

Univision Jorge Ramos angrily denounced Donald Trump on CNN last night while attacking his mass deportation policy, saying that it was impossible and an empty promise sold to the American public. The Univision reporter seemed to come close to tearing up as he talked about his anger against il Trumpoilini.

Watch below:

Ramos is a legal immigrant from Mexico, which explains why he took Trump’s comments personally, but he goes a little far in saying that Trump is spreading “hatred.” He’s right about saying that his policies aren’t pleasing Hispanics however –  a recent poll found that Trump had the highest negatives of anyone in the field among Hispanics in America. Even so, I doubt this will persuade many of his supporters, who probably don’t care much for Univision or their anchor.

This is probably why Ramos felt he had to accost Trumpo today, and why he got tossed out of the press conference:

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