Clinton COLLAPSE And Bernie BOOM In New Hampshire Poll!

It is definitely time for large-scale panicking at the Clinton camp. A new poll shows an amazing collapse in Hillary’s support and a skyrocketing up for her commie counterpart, Bernie Sanders.

Here’s the report from the Morning Joe show:

More from YouGov.com:


The new poll finds Sen. Sanders with 52% support among Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire, while former Secretary of State Clinton, long considered the front-runner for the 2016 Democratic nomination, receives 30%. Recent polls have shown Sanders’ lead growing in the Granite State, but this would be the first to show the Vermont Senator over 50%.

Possibly more worrying for the Clinton campaign is her performance in Iowa, where Sanders now leads by 10 points, with 43% to Clinton’s 33%.

Until recently Clinton had retained an edge in Iowa, the other first-in-the-nation voting state along with New Hampshire. A recent CNN/ORC poll found the pair tied among likely Iowa caucus voters.

That really is incredible. It would be absolutely shocking if Hillary went down in defeat after so far ahead, but that’s kinda where we’re headed. And it will be SO satisfying if she fails AGAIN! LOL!