AWKWARD: Wolf Blitzer Embarrasses Lincoln Chafee With This BRUTAL Question On The Debate!

wolf blitzer lincoln chafee

If you were unfortunate enough to waste your time watching the snoozefest called the Democratic debate last night, you’ll know just how bad Lincoln Chafee did.

But Wolf Blitzer just couldn’t leave it alone, so he came in for the white bearded Mortal Kombat kill stroke:

Man that was brutal.

Anytime someone says, “you should probably do this otherwise you’re gonna embarrass yourself,” it’s already too late – you’re probably being embarrassed at just that moment.

Look at those cold steely wolf-eyes:

wolf blitzer


So is the Blitzman actually trying to help the guy or is he hoping that Chafee’s exist might bump up Bernie’s numbers by 1-2% points?

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