Black Activist On Black Activist Twitter Crime!! Deray Denounces Shaun King Over Money!!

It looks like there’s trouble in black activist liberal paradise. We posted way back when Shaun King had to shut down some silly Social Justice project he had going, and a bunch of people responded by demanding answers about how the money was handled.

Well another “black activist” moron, Deray McKesson, is accusing him of shying away from answering tough questions.

“Integrity matters” among the movement that advocates for killing cops!! Well, it matters when they think they’re being scammed out of free money anyway!!

Deray is responding to this tweet in which Shaun King seems to take a swipe at him:

He’s so sassy!!!

Oh really? WOW, it’s almost like he’s the white black activist scam artist that conservatives have been calling him this entire time! What a coincidence! LOL!

And then… Shaun King responded. Because they need to keep that scam money rolling in!!

He’s just rambling at this point.

Actually, no, he just blocks you. Which he did to me when I asked him substantive questions, and then he did the same to Deray! LOL!

Well that explains why you can’t account for the money you took from people!!

Also, scamming people out of money creates problems.

That’s why he’s not answering questions from people on his own board!

Anyway he kinda rambles on incoherently for a while but ends up with this:

Yeah I’m betting this ain’t over by a longshot!! According to what people were saying before, there is $10,000 that he refuses to account for. Seems like an issue!!

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