WATCH: Morning Joe GUSHES Over Hillary Clinton, But CHALLENGES Carly With Tough Questions!

MORNING JOE mike hillary carly

I don’t understand how people can deny how left-leaning and biased the media is when there are so many examples that readily appear all the time. Here’s a great one.

When Carly Fiorina appeared on “Morning Joe,” she was met with obvious disdain by Crappington Posts’s Sam Stein, and asked tough questions:

But just minutes later, Mika Brzezinski absolutely splooges when Hillary Clinton calls in. “This is BIG!” she squees in delight. And the entire interview is full of softball questions like, “how will you grow the economy?”

I actually forced myself to watch this crapshow twice:

Seriously, Mika begins one question with, “Joe and I were SOOOO impressed with you….”

And this is the same woman who just recently whined that Hillary ONLY shows up to interviews when they promise to be nice to her!!! No joke, she was actually angry about it!!!

Now look you don’t even need to give a crap about Carly Fiorina (and many of you don’t), but the bias here is just undeniable.

Unless you’re a dumbass liberal:

LOL! “That’s journalism!” Yeah, when you try to crush a Republican languishing at 3% in the polls, but lick the ass of Hillary Clinton on her way to coronation just because she’s a Democrat. THAT’S JOURNALISM.

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