Trump Tweets Article ‘Proving’ National Review Prediction Right… But It’s From One YEAR BEFORE He Made Prediction!

El Trumpo is claiming VICTORY because he predicted National Review would fail!!

And look he has absolute evidence that he was right!!!

Wow! BOOM!

Oh wait.. wait wait…

Yeahhhhh that article is from 2014.

As far as I can tell the first time he “predicted” National Review was gonna go under was not even a year ago:

And what’s more, the article he posted is about a lawsuit against Mark Steyn, who happens to be a Trump SUPPORTER:

And he’s no longer at National Review because of that lawsuit.

So… Mister Turned-Conservative-5-Months-Ago apparently doesn’t really follow the events in conservatism much. And that really gets in the way of his claiming that he beat National Review. But that doesn’t matter to his sycophantic followers. As long as he screeches “I won!!!” they’ll nod and applaud.

Er… right.

Is this the kind of fantastic and amazing logical reasoning he’s going to bring to negotiations with other nations when he’s president? Can’t wait for that.

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